The Future of Escorts and Sex Workers in Scotland

The Scottish Government has initiated a consultation about the future of escorts as well as sexual workers. Both sides have offered their opinions. Scot-Pep, Umbrella Lane, and the Nordic Model Now are both in favor of decriminalizing prostitution.

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There are numerous other important considerations that must be taken into account in addition to the legal framework for escorts. Scotland’s government must be able protect the rights of its citizens, while reducing the negative impact of prostitution on the local community. A conviction for a crime must be supported by legislation from Scotland’s Parliament. There are currently two main areas of prostitution law in Scotland. The first is the prevention of prostitution and violence against sex workers, while the second is about changing public attitudes.

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Prostitution in Scotland has a mixed past. Numerous cities have seen prostitution. Some of the cities have street prostitutes. However, the number of street workers who are women has decreased in recent years. Many women organize meetings using telephone calls and social media. In Glasgow alone, GCSS has worked with more than 450 women in the last three years. Last year police figures indicate that there were 898 indoor prostitutes. Scot-Pep estimates that the prostitution industry in the indoor space in Edinburgh is smaller with 700 workers.

Roseanne McLean has been in different roles in Scotland’s sexuality industry. Her past includes stints in the Glasgow brothel as well as on the streets of Glasgow. Her 53 convictions include constant solicitation and operating a brothel. She has spent the last two decades working in the sex industry.