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The UK has between 60 to 80 thousand escorts. These are the women who work in the industry. They can be young or old and come from all walks of life. Kent escort of them are Eastern European or East Asian. The average age of these women is 24 years old, compared to the age of 32 for White British women.

The women of the agency must pass an intense interview. They also need to have authentic biographies and pictures. They guarantee their clients’ wellbeing and happiness. They are also insured and provide a secure space for intimate interactions. This makes it more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

The UK market for escorts is now highly competitive. It is not unusual for escorts to reduce their rates and grow their clientele. One method to lower rates while still offering excellent service is to advertise cheap rates. For example, some independent escorts promote their in and outcall rates as low as PS50 which is half the price of the industry standard. These rates might not appeal to all clients but they could bring in more business than anticipated.